Holdingford High School Class of 1982 30 Year Reunion

Saturday August 11, 2012

Photo Gallery

Thanks goes to Nancy Maleska who went out on a cold February day to provid all of the current Holdingford area photos.

Go on and Click on the Picture.  It's Family Friendly :-).

Welcome to Holdingford High School!  Home of the Huskers!



Come On In!
I think this is officially the side entrance, but these are the doors we used everyday.

Main Street, taken from the Holdingford Legion.

Holdingford Water Tower
I don't remember it with so many cell towers on it :-).

St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Hedwig's Catholic Church

Mrs. Loschieder's 1st Grade Class 1970-1971
Front row: Maria Luke, Brian Danzel, Joyce Breth, Diane Czech, Robert Cipala, Nancy Maleska
Middle Row: Marlene Kociemba, Becky Hlebain, Julie Kostreba, Brenda Paggen, Ron Fiedler, Nancy Schueler, Lorie Van Hoorik, Sandy Gill, Linda Korneck
Back Row: Scott Radtke, (who is the mystery kid?), Mike Tix, Scott Yurczyk, Jim Ertl, Mary Euteneuer, Joan Opatz, & Mrs. Loscheider

Mrs. Krestes' 1st Grade Class 1970-1971
The large picture is hi-res so be patient as it loads
Front row: Robin Kuhn, Todd Cipala, Brenda Skroch, Jorgen Eiden, Daniel Sobiek, Joanne Eichers, Jamie Skroch, Theresa Larkey
Middle Row: Mark Fussy, Tammy Vos, Julianna Symalla, Daniel Stich, Nancy Ebert, Glen Berg, Patty Kuklok, David Wochnik, Lisa Bielejeski, Linda Kierzek, Gina Daneen
Back Row: Donna Young, Cindy Opatz, David Yurczyk, Brian Reis, Dennis Notch, Patty Koceimba, Dennis Symalla, Martha Suek, Jeff Fiedler, ?, Dean Sowada, Shelly Halverson

There are supposedly two more 1st grade classes out there.  If you have a picture please send a scan.

20 Year Cass Reunion Picture!
The large picture is hi-res so be patient as it loads
We look so good in this one you'll definitely want the 30th year picture :-)!

 2012 New Years Eve

Ed Springer's New Year's Eve Party 2011
Front row: Michelle (Bieniek) Denn, Theresa (Larkey) Graveen, Theresa (Young) Beutz
Back row: David Yurczyk, Glen Burg, Ed Springer (as Guy Fieri), Michael Graveen, Will Kociemba, Jeff Fiedler

Will, Ed, and Mike

Ed Springer's New Year's Eve Party 2011
Will Kociemba, Ed Springer, Michael Graveen

2012 Planning Meeting

Let the Reunion Planning Begin! 2-18-2012
Theresa (Larkey) Graveen, Nancy Maleska


Skroch/Yurczyk Wedding 5-5-2012
(Left to Right)
Joyce (Sobania) Hasch
Brenda (Skroch) Salk
Nancy Maleska
Michelle (Bieniek) Denn
Marlene (Kociemba) Skroch
Nancy (Schueler) Bieniek

Beautiful Alaska!
Dan and Darlene Gill in Alaska with their dogs Kona and Hootie